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Beginning January 15, 2014, all students will apply for the Peoria Promise scholarship on the Peoria Promise website and NOT through the ICC Education Foundation. Please encourage students to apply for additional scholarships through ICC ( Continue to check back for updates.




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With the many philanthropic programs in Peoria to develop our city, Peoria Promise is the pipeline to provide the skilled workforce needed to serve these projects and improve our economy.

Peoria Promise provides City of Peoria students who have attended for at least 3 years and graduated from a public school with 64 credit hours to be used over a 5 year period at Illinois Central College.


Peoria Promise has supported more than1,300 students in the past five years! During these difficult economic times and as student participation increases, your support is needed now more than ever. Do You Promise?





Join the Promise and help send hundreds of Peoria students to college.




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Peoria Promise Gala

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Peoria Civic Center



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Peoria Promise Foundation
620 W. Glen Ave.
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Peoria Promise strives to improve economic development in Peoria. Our economy is directly influenced by the education and skills of our work force. Similar programs in communities like ours have seen:


  • Better educated local workforce
  • Reduced dropout rate and increased H.S. graduation rate
  • Increased college attendance
  • Reduced crime
  • Increased tax revenues through population growth