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Peoria Promise
P.O. BOX 10226
Peoria, IL 61612

Eligibility and Timeline

To be eligible for Peoria Promise Tuition Reimbursement , the student must:

     1. Reside in City of Peoria   

             Effective Feb 1, 2023 - Reside in the city of West Peoria ( all other criteria applies) --  West Peoria Details

    • Continuously for at least 4 years prior to applying - and continue to reside in the City of Peoria / West Peoria while attending ICC and using Peoria Promise.
    • Exceptions are made for students living in ICC on Campus Housing

     2. Graduate from a Peoria High School, obtain GED or Homeschooling Certification

    • Peoria High Schools = Manual, Richwoods, Peoria High, Peoria Alternative, Peoria Quest, Dunlap, Limestone, Peoria Notre Dame, and Peoria Christian
    • Homeschooling program must provide official transcripts showing satisfactory completion of college-prep classes
    •  Be 21 years of age or younger at the time of first properly applying for a Peoria Promise 

    3. Complete the FAFSA

    • ALL students must complete the FAFSA to be eligible for Peoria Promise
    • If you are not able to complete the FAFSA, please complete the FAFSA appeal process for consideration.

    4. Complete the Peoria Promise Application- February 1 – May 15

    •  ALL students must reapply for Peoria Promise yearly   
    •  Students have 2 years to apply for the first time after graduating from a Peoria High School or an eligible homeschooling program, or receiving their GED Certificate, then an additional 3 years to complete their 64 credit hours after the initial application


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